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Rules (Belgium)

Competition system


The sport which was created in Hungary in 2012 is truly gender-equitable game as the rules define that teqball shall be played between two (singles) or four players (doubles), irrespective of gender. Player/Team will be divided into groups by drawing lots. In group stage, players play by single round-robin match.
Each match is played until one side reaches 12 points, except for the final game. The winner gets 1 point and the loser gets 0 point. The team with the highest score in each group will qualify for the final, if two teams get the same score, the rankings will be determined in the following order :
1. Match points of relevant teams
1. Score difference between related teams
The first player or team to win the preliminary rounds of the four events of "Men's Singles", "Women's Singles", "Doubles" can enter the final.


The first player or team of each group (4 first qualified players or 4 first qualified teams in each event) will be drawn in a single elimination round and at the end of the championship first, second and third place will be decided.

Each match is played until one side reaches 12 points. Each match is played until a best-of-three-set. The final, decisive set must be won by at least a two-point margin; all other sets can be won by scoring 12 points first.


Players must wear masks at the venue of the competition all the time. During the competition, player must put on masks. If the players do not put on masks, they will not be allowed to compete.